I kissed you twice upon the head
And left you in your cozy bed
Then out the door and down the hall
The one without a patterned wall
The elevator closed it’s doors
Made measured beeps as it passed floors
And then outside the falling rain
Pitter pattered down rusty drain
I traveled past the whispering trees
And sang along with whistling breeze

The world has rhythm, it has rhyme
Like an anthem stuck in my mind
And with the beat I can count time
Till once again we are entwined



I’m comfy here cause I’m with you
Let me explain, I’ll tell you true
I’ve pins and needles in my arm
And my neck’s angle might cause harm
But when I hear your heart’s quick beat
And feel you breath so soft and sweet
I’ll be as comfy as can be
Cause I’m with you and you’re with me


Happy is ceramic
Beautiful and blue
Safe as the titanic
Cold as summer dew

Happy is warm sunshine
Bright and dancing light
Sweet as ocean brine
Sharp as a bat’s sight

Happy is wind winding
Whistling through the world
Strong as leather binding
Hard as hair uncurled

Happy is elusive
Hiding in the dark
Ever more abusive
Always leaves a mark

Happy is perfection
So keep a close guard
To prevent infection
Is sometimes quite hard

A Great King

Left in water under a tree
Gods angrily ignore his plea
The apples hang above his head
He hopes one day that he’ll be fed
And though he stands just off the beach
The water’s always out of reach
True desperation in his eyes
His world’s designed to tantalize

First Time

I saw his eyes gleaming
They glared out at the world
As if he had unfinished plans
His sails not yet unfurled

His stare was not evil
But also not quite good
The actions of his cloudy past
Determined where he stood

Nothing he did hurt me
I didn’t owe him harm
And still out for him reached my hands
A knife blade in my palm

And when I slit his throat
The color of his eyes
Transformed from black to faded grey
Like rainy autumn skies

That was when I yielded
And knew deep in my heart
That I had become addicted
To watching souls depart


She rode through the dark
On a horse made of night
Concealed in a cloak made of stars

Her foes; they did flee
From her sword made of cold
They tried to evade her keen eyes

But none could escape
From her sharp piercing gaze
As much as they struggled to hide

She cut them all down
Like a field of dry grass
And soon there were none left alive


Last night
An earthquake struck
Our half built house torn down
Remnants scattered and lost for good

But there
Among cracked wood and broken glass
Beneath crushed picture frames
Throughout the wreck
Is hope


Fair flower wilts at summer’s end
And petals lie where dust will fall
As golden sun starts to descend
Fair flower wilts at summer’s end
It’s broken stem won’t e’er unbend
Since autumn could no longer stall
Fair flower wilts at summer’s end
And petals lie where dust will fall


Jack was walking down the street,
heading somewhere new.
When out of nowhere hit his head,
a ball of flying goo.

Though shocked, he did not miss his stride,
and moved to wipe his chin.
“I’ll make it where I’m going still,”
he said with a wide grin.

No sooner had he spoke those words
and wiped off all the grime,
into his face, swiftly crashed,
a bigger ball of slime.

This one knocked him off his feet
and right onto the floor.
And though he stood up smiling wide,
it hurt him to his core.

But since he now knew when to duck,
the gunk he could avoid.
The next time any flew his way,
he wouldn’t be destroyed.